Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects can PODs be used for?

We can produce modules for any type of project, including student dormitories, nursing homes, hostels, hotels, and apartments.

What does a prefabricated module include?

It's a fully equipped bathroom that only requires placement and connection of electricity, water supply, and drainage in the shaft space. The equipment varies depending on the customer. In general, a module includes the structure with the floor, ceiling, walls, electrical, water, and drainage installations, doors, and complete furnishings.

Does Domczar have a standard specification?

Domczar offers custom design, and the materials used can be specified by the customer. We collaborate with suppliers from all over Europe. Of course, if the customer doesn't have specific equipment in mind, we can make suggestions based on preliminary guidelines. However, to achieve a cost-optimized and functional bathroom, we recommend starting consultations with Domczar as early as possible.

Are there any limitations in choosing a bathroom?

Domczar realizes the customer's vision. However, it's essential to remember that the dimensions of cabins are limited by transport means and the building's structural dimensions.

Should I lower the ceiling structure height where I install the bathroom?

It depends on the customer's requirements and whether they accept a threshold. Additionally, building regulations should be taken into account, e.g., rooms for people with disabilities or nursing homes do not allow thresholds. This detail should be discussed and determined during the project's execution.

How do we protect the bathroom from damage during transportation?

The cabins form a rigid structure resistant to deformation during transport and assembly. Calculations made using the finite element method have allowed the development of general guidelines for design. The effectiveness of these principles has been confirmed by years of production. Domczar recommends checking the bathroom shortly after arrival at the construction site.

Who installs the bathroom?

The installer is chosen by the customer. Domczar has a dedicated installation team and can accept installation orders for cabins.

What is the service for the bathroom after installation like?

We design inspection panels through which it is easy to clean, maintain, and adjust bathroom equipment and installations.

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