Stages of cooperation with the client

Pre-Project Consultation

We conduct a feasibility analysis of the project regarding the use of prefabricated modules. We present the possibility of using pods along with the benefits and limitations for the project. This stage gives us the opportunity to get to know both sides and understand the client's requirements. After analyzing the client's expectations, required production dates, and the quantity and types of bathrooms, Domczar presents an offer. Acceptance of the offer and contract signing.

Development of Detailed Technical Documentation

Our engineers analyze the provided data and solutions, providing their comments. However, control always remains in the hands of the client or technical personnel (architects and engineers) representing them. This ensures that the product meets the client's expectations in terms of architectural layout, installations, and materials used. Written approval of the technical documentation and material specifications allows for the commencement of the design.

Production, Deliveries, Post-Sales Support

Domczar begins serial production based on signed documents. Quality control of the work performed is conducted at every stage of production by qualified staff. Module deliveries are made according to the schedule provided by the client. Long-term cooperation with our clients is a priority for us, so we believe that professional post-sales support plays a crucial role in maintaining it. Our service is always available at the client's request throughout Europe.

Offer Domczar
Specification approval/ Contact
Domczar / Customer
+3 weeks
Specification approval/ Mockups
Domczar / Customer
+4 weeks
Presentation / Approval Mockups
Mass production
+8 weeks
Deliveries to the construction site
Producent prefabrykowanych modułów łazienkowych wykorzystywanych w budownictwie.


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