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Why PODs ?

POD is ready to fit bathroom module, produced in controlled environment of prefabrication, designed for use on traditional construction sites. Modules are delivered as fully equipped and furnished units ready to be connected to the mains.
PODs are convenient alternative to traditionally build bathrooms offering exciting opportunities to every construction project.
Prefabricated bathrooms are well known solution in Europe, America and Asia.
 Despite the fact that bathroom is usually the smallest of all rooms, it is at the same time, one of the most time consuming part of every project with its need for precision and attention to details.



Internal quality checks guarantee that our products meet highest quality standards. These checks are based on ISO9 rules and Quality Management Policy. Each product undergoes series of tests at various stages of production. We check geometry of the whole construction, quality of finishing layers and fitting of furniture and bathroom equipment. In addition, we also test water, sewerage and electric installation. Results of these tests are placed on control sheets which are attached to every POD that passes checks. Domczar provides warranty on its products.



Based on our offer, we have long lasting relationship with bathroom fixture suppliers that allows us to reduce costs of production. Those benefits are passed on our customers. In addition, Planning Production department optimises usage of materials that reduces their wastage. Factory environment and work organisation increases productivity of our highly qualified staff of plumbers, electricians, tile layers and others. All these factors have impact on final, very competitive price of our product compared to bathroom built in traditional way.


Cooperation: guarantee of quality, delivery and service

We know how important it is to have business partner you can rely on every single stage of the project. Highly qualified Domczar team delivers that by offering practical solutions tailored to your design, sharing their knowledge and advice along the way. We listen to our customers and offer to place any adjustments, made by them, to a product. Customer service is also there to help and build long lasting relationship based on mutual cooperation.


One point of contact

Making Domczar one point of contact relieves main contractor of need to coordinate electricians, plumbers, tile layers, assemblers and suppliers. All specifications are made with Domczar’s Project Manager and result is – ready to fit module covered by warranty that undergone quality checks is send directly to construction site.
Picture this: bathroom is usually the smallest part of flat/apartment but requires the most workload and coordination from contractors to finish. Transferring these tasks to factory allows site managers to focus on other duties and helps keeping timescales of a project.


Speeding up work schedule

Usage of prefabricated modules speeds up completion of a project and increases its profitability. Outsourcing work to factory reduces number of qualified staff needed on the building site as well as workload overall.



Advanced 3D design and our experience in narrow field of module production allows us to optimise production process by reduction of used materials and increased staff efficiency. Working space in connection with easy access warehouse and precise technical documentation eliminates any waste of workload of our highly qualified staff.


Meeting expectations regarding product and deliveries.

Detailed technical documentation allows to fulfil customer’s expectations to the letter. Our Quality Control department makes sure that every product is made according to customer’s specification and is of the highest quality. It ensures that standardised products are delivered to customer within agreed timescale.