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Most common questions

What type of projects can you use PODs for?

We can produce modules for every type of project: student residences, nursing homes, hostels, hotels, apartments.

What does prefabricated module consist of?

It is fully equipped bathroom which requires only plugging to external facilities such as electric, sewerage and water installation. Equipment varies – depending on customers’ requirements. In all, module is a construction consisting of floor, roof, walls, electric, sewerage and water installation, door and complete bathroom equipment.

Does Domczar have standardised product?

Domczar offers projects tailored to customers’ needs including choice of components and fittings. We cooperate with suppliers from around the Europe and that allows us to offer advice on fittings, if they are not specified by customer.
If the aim of the project is focus on balance between costs and functionality we would advice contact and consultations with Domczar as soon as possible.

Are there any restrictions in choice of bathrooms?

We are able to fulfil every wish of customer. The only limitations are due to transportation and size of building that module will be fitted into.

Should I reduce roof height in space provided for module?

It depends whether customer accepts having threshold in a project. Building regulations have to also be taken into account, for example: thresholds are not permitted in nursery homes. Details of that sort should be discussed at the beginning of a project.

How bathroom is secured during transportation?

Modules are inflexible constructions that will not deform during transportation and assembly. Finite elements analysis calculations allowed to create guidance rules for modules production which proved to be durable and efficient over years.
Domczar recommends checking bathroom upon its arrival on building site.

Who does assemble bathroom?

Customer makes selection of company assembling ready product although Domczar can assist with our own assembly team after previous arrangements.

What are guidelines for use of bathroom after its assembly?

We produce inspection panels for easier access to elements of installations helping in maintenance.

All detailed guidelines and storage conditions are provided with contract and they are called “Guidelines Installation”.