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Cooperation stages

Beginning of a project- pre-project consultation :
We analyse feasibility of the project based on usage of prefabricated modules, cover possible use of PODs with their advantages and limitations. It is part that allows us to contact with customers and understand their expectations. Clarifying above and required production dates, types and quantity of bathrooms allows Domczar to present their offer.
Acceptance of offer and signing contract.

Consultation and design process, final arrangements :
Our team in close cooperation with customer creates detailed technical documentation. Our engineers analyse provided data and customer’s choice of solutions offering their comments, however customer or their representatives (architects, engineers) have complete control over the project. That kind of approach allows us to meet customer’s requirements regarding architectural set up as well as choice of used materials and installations. Depending on agreed contract arrangements we create model available in Domczar’s factory for customer’s approval. If requested, we can create two such models, one of which remains in Domczar till the end of given project. Second is send to customer to serve as pattern of other mass produced cabins.
Written confirmation of technical documentation, components specification and patterns is made with customer.

Production, delivery, servicing :
Domczar begins mas production after written agreement of specification. Depending on earlier contract arrangements it may be required for each cabin to be signed off by customer before delivery. Otherwise customer has few days (stated in contract) to register any faults with finished product after its arrival on construction site. This solution safeguards both sides in case of any damages during transportation or unload.

Domczar offers to assembly cabins on site after earlier arrangement.

All Domczar products are covered with warranty and can be serviced after delivery.