How to Arrange a Bathroom?

Arranging a bathroom can be challenging due to the need to consider multiple functions within a relatively limited space. The arrangement of your bathroom will depend on your needs, expectations, and constraints. It’s essential to keep in mind that bathrooms in hotels and commercial properties must also meet specific hygiene

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Why Choose a Modular Bathroom?

Modular construction, in the common engineering consciousness, is still associated with something that lags far behind traditional construction in terms of quality, comfort, and durability. However, in practice, modules offer the same, if not more, conveniences for users and can be successfully used for a very long time. A perfect

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Choosing Bathroom Colors

The choice of color for the bathroom should primarily be guided by personal preferences. It’s important to consider practical aspects as well and the fact that the most revolutionary interior design trends quickly pass, leaving us with outdated designs and a sense of dissatisfaction. One factor to consider when choosing

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Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Choosing bathroom tiles is a decision that affects both the visual and functional aspects of your bathroom, as well as the long-term design relevance. When selecting tiles for a hotel bathroom, it’s important to consider several factors that influence how guests perceive the space. A hotel bathroom requires maintaining the

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What Is Modular Construction?

The concept of modular construction has been with us for a long time. However, economic and cultural factors have contributed to the fact that in Poland, it is still often regarded as an architectural novelty. Nevertheless, this doesn’t deter architects and investors who, recognizing the advantages of this technology, consistently

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